Hotmail Mobile Version is a free web-mail service offered by Microsoft. Hotmail was first launched about 18 years ago and is still running strongly widely popular around the world. Every Hotmail account holder receives 5 GB worth of free storage space and 25 GB of space on Windows Live SkyDrive. Hotmail comes with a wide range of features like email, attach files, pictures etc. up to 25 mb, send emoticons along with the message and many more. Other features of hotmail include unlimited storage and integration with Calendar, OneDrive, People and Skype.

Hotmail can be accessed in every electronic device which allows you to open a web browser. Hotmail comes with a fast and easy to use interface. The layout of has been replaced with Microsoft Outlook as of 2013, although the features and account name remains the same. Hotmail also has its own Hotmail mobile app allowing users to have access to their email with the touch of their fingers. The hotmail mobile apps can be run on all smartphones, including Android, Apple and Windows phones.


Windows phones have in-built hotmail mobile application allowing the users to have easy access to their hotmail account. Other smartphone users have in-built email applications where they can easily insert their hotmail email id, which will allow them to access their email account on the go.

Here is a detailed description of how to access your hotmail account in your Smartphone by the Microsoft itself. Copy the given Microsoft windows link to your web browser and you will be directed to the tutorial page on how to access hotmail mobile.

Download Hotmail Mobile App

For Android Hotmail Mobile App, go to the link and download “Connect to Hotmail” mobile for easy access to your hotmail account.

For apple Hotmail Mobile App, go to the link to download MailBuzzr for Hotmail.

Another useful app for Apple users to access their hotmail account could be “Windows Live Hotmail Push emails”. Go to the following link to download the app